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The data universe is exploding; we are dealing with torrent of data in Life Sciences…from R&D to marketing. It’s a new era in biology with the availability of large-scale genetic and genomic data. Areas such as, Next-gen sequencing, high-throughput gene expression profiling and cancer genome analysis are heavily data-driven. The issue is not gathering of this data - it is residing in different parts of the organization already - siloed and not effectively used. The challenge is how to get actionable insights from it. The traditional role of the pharma rep detailing about a brand to the doctor in the hopes of increasing prescriptions is now just one small part of convincing the doctor. The web and social media are playing an increasing role in decision making when deciding what to prescribe.

We see three areas where Big Data & Social Analytics & Mobility can make a lasting impact with substantial ROI:

  • Innovation – Higher drug discovery success rates at lower costs - By leveraging the data across silos and analyzing it effectively Life Sciences R&D can identify product success/failure indicators early on and focus time and money on initiatives that are more promising. With average cost spiraling to $4 billion a drug, it is vital to analyze and act on the data. By analyzing in-licensing opportunities, 3rd party research and in-house data, Life Sciences companies can bring new products to market faster and achieve profitability and ROI in shorter periods of time. With our Cloud-based solutions, you no longer have to go the traditional route of choosing between waiting longer for results or confining research to a small sample. Best of all the solution can be delivered in weeks with tangible ROIs.
  • Competition – Big Data is the next digital disruptor in Life Sciences Marketing. It represents a tipping point in the evolution of Life Sciences marketing. Over 85% of the physicians use the internet and a whopping third of them alter medications based on the research they conduct online. And over 60% of the patients search health related topics online and almost 2/3 of them use social networks such a Facebook and the numbers are growing exponentially. Analytics can help identify KOLs, patient demographics, and competitive landscape on these online and social platforms dynamically and in real time. The era of Real Time Marketing Insights has dawned.
  • Productivity – Despite its importance in areas of research and marketing, data analytics has the potential to do much more if applied across the pharmaceutical enterprise. For example, Life Sciences companies can analyze their supply chain efficacy with social data – impact on sales at a particular retailer and the corresponding chatter in social media. Sentiment analysis is an essential part of the marketing strategy. Unified mobility solutions can help the sales organization effectively position brands.

NuWare has solutions that can be deployed in a very short period of time. Solutions for mobile enablement, real-time analytics, and social media intelligence.

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