Capital Markets

It is a Bull Market for Cloud Apps in the Capital Markets. The emergent and impactful era of Cloud Applications for Asset Management and Capital Markets companies, began with cost savings – when margins got squeezed and capital markets were tasked to do more with less. Management and maintenance of internal systems come at a steep cost and applications in the Cloud dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The value proposition for migrating technology only gets stronger as current systems age, buy-side firms look to migrate functions that are not core to their business strategy but still require stringent security and regulatory compliance. Though private clouds dominate, capital markets are exploring added advantages of the hybrid cloud model which meet strict demands for security, compliance, and performance. Moving from capital costs to operational costs is another critical factor. Cloud computing bolsters service availability and performance, because the cloud infrastructure intelligently and automatically moves workloads around the cloud fabric and requisitions additional resources on demand. In our experience, Capital markets look to Big Data and Cloud based strategies to help with:

  • Changing Regulatory Landscape
  • Dynamic Trading Strategies
  • Exponential Increase in Data Collection
  • Need for Speed for Front-end Analytics
  • Single View of Client and Portfolio across Silos

NuWare, with two decades of industry experience and deep domain knowledge in Capital markets can help you utilize cloud as a value-enabler for your end-users. We also have deep expertise in portfolio management enabling technologies, enterprise data management, real-time Analytics, and rapid mobility solutions for both legacy and SaaS based platforms.

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